Antonio Conte has stressed his desire to continue with his role as a coach of Italy and a reach the enda of his contract.

The e-Juventus coach was disappointed with the policy of Serie A clubs of not sending the players to the training camp ahead of the upcoming internationals. Reports coming from Italy had claimed it earlier that Antonio Conte is not satisfied with this and has offered his resignation to FIGC.

However, Antonio Conte had a meeting with the president of FIGC, Carlo Tavecchio today and said that he intends to honor his contract with the Azzuri.

a I find myself talking about a unique and unexpected situation. I can only repeat what I have always said,a said the ex- Juventus boss to reporters.

a I started on a path with the national team and I am happy with it.

a I hope this spells the end of all the rumours on whether I’ll make it to 2016 or not.

a Let’s try working with the knowledge on all sides that there are difficulties, but there is also the enthusiasm to do something unexpected.

a I’ll reach the end of my contract, whether certain people like it or not.a

FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio also offered his backing to Antonio Conte.

a We invested very much in Antonio Conte, what you hear is just talk.

a He will have to make do with his resources, but we want to renew his contract, not cancel it.a

Meanwhile, amid these ongoing rumours about the future of the coach, many of the former Italy coacha s have also come forward to the support of Antonio Conte.

a The clubs have the last word, like 20 years ago,a said Cesare Maldini, who was the coach of Italy for 2002 World Cup. a You can ask, but the Lega [Calcio] decides. He should resign himself to that, we’ve all been through it.a

a Conte is a maestro, we don’t have that many,a said Arrigo Sacchi, who was the head coach of Italy in 1994 World Cup. a But in Italy people are always afraid and selfishness prevails.a