Real Madrid are going through that time of year again. That time when the entire summer is spent on a protracted, high-profile, record breaking transfer of whom they deem as a Galactico.


Florentino Perez has never been reticent of his transfer targets and he has all the subtlety of a tank when it comes to his indications of Real Madrida s future. And right now, the future could be Sergio Aguero.

Real Madrida s current bitterness is palpable. While the famed BBC have plundered 99 goals between them this year, it wasna t enough as Madrid emerged second best all round. They finished last season playing at the Estadio Da Luz stadium and finally conquering their elusive a La Decimaa . In the space of the year, they will sit on the sidelines, trophy-less, as Barcelona aim to complete the treble.

The mighty have fallen, and how.

So out with the old and in with the new, says Perez. A master of the changing Galactico (and manager), Perez will be sufficiently emboldened to smash transfer records and excite sports agents everywhere. He needs a new name and the Bernabeu could be chanting a Kuna in the near future, according to the Guardian.

While reports are now emerging of Pereza s interest in the Argentine, there is still a long way to go. Sergio isna t a dissatisfied, uninterested squad player raking in the money at the Etihad (Has anyone seen Samir Nasri around?) ; he is the current platform on which Manchester City is being dangerously built on. The quintessential fan favorite with his cheery smile and admirable work ethic is the Alpha Male in the blue half of Manchester.

His relentless running, intelligent link-up play, ability to deliver on the most important of occasions have rendered him a God in the eyes of most Blue Mancunians. Even in their abysmal 2014-2015 campaign, he is the English Premier Leaguea s top scorer with 26 goals. (Which is remarkable as he missed the entire of December 2014 through injury). He even managed to notch two goals against United at Old Trafford while all his teammates fluffed their lines. Give a City fan a choice and they would make Aguero the manager and CEO tomorrow.

If Perez wants Sergio Aguero, he should be prepared for a transfer fee that would dwarf the GDP of a small country.

Manchester City vs Queens Park Rangers

Mind you, it will be worth it. For all of Benzemaa s selfless link up play, intelligent runs and valuable assists, the Frenchman isna t the marketing nor footballing icon that his compatriots Bale and Ronaldo are. Real Madrida s future isna t going to be dependent on him and he has often been linked with transfers away.

Worst of all, he doesna t seem to be as prolific in the spotlight as Perez demands. Neither is he as marketable as Luis Suarez, tasty bites withstanding. Whilst every member of Barcelonaa s MSN is a high-profile star with a massive fan base, it seems Benzema is the weak link for Reala s BBC.

Selfless, team play pales against the marketing loss that Perez resentfully calculates late into the night as Di Maria and Mesut Ozil could testify. And that loss can be offset with the arrival of a shiny, new, world-class player with a huge fan base in Latin America.

This summer, it seems destined that Real Madrid will pursue Kum Aguero all the way. He would be the perfect addition to a Florentino Perez team that would win games and sell shirt at a single stroke.