Although Arsenala s signing of Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech is almost complete, it does not seem likely that Chelsea would let goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon move across town.

Lollichon, who has been at the club since 2007, was previously the goalkeeping coach at Rennes, before Cech decided to move to Chelsea, in 2004.

However, now it seems that the he would not be moving to The Emirates, with Cech, as Chelsea FC seem to be intent on not losing another of their goalkeeping assets.

British paper Evening Standard reports, that Lollichon has said to French daily La Equipe, that although he is unaware of any contact being made between the Arsenal and Chelsea FC, about a him following Cech.

a I do not know if this has been discussed between the two clubs, but I do not think Chelsea will be favourable,a said Lollichon.


Current Chelsea No. 1 Thibaut Courtois has reportedly urged the club management to get former Genk goalkeeping coach Guy Martens.

Martens has been at Genk for 25 years, and was fired earlier this year, by the club. Courtois coached by Martens in his younger days, and Belgian keepera s exploits on the biggest stages in football, is largely believed to be the result of the efforts of his former coach.

a I have given his number to Chelsea and even said that he is free. He can really make goalkeepers get better,a said Courtois to HBVL, earlier this month. a I have worked a long time with Guy. He is, for me, the best goalkeeping coach ever. I think it is very sad that he was fired at Genk.a

Courtois also said, a I have a lot to thank him. Ia ve let him know with a text message. It is also thanks to Guy that I am here now.a

With this development however, Lollichona s move to Arsenal FC does not seem entirely impossible, as Chelsea FC would want to keep their No. 1 goalkeeper as comfortable as possible, with his favoured coaching staff.