Liverpool FC seem to have an answer for their poor form of late. And no, it’s not goalkeeper Adam Bogdan! Those higher up in the club believe that there’s a Mole inside Liverpool FC, who is leaking all their match day strategies and formations on the internet.

This has actually been a longstanding problem for the club, as even former manager Brendan Rodgers had reportedly complained of leaked formations and tactics last season.

Due to Rodgers’ complaints, Liverpool FC had put in a request to the Liverpool City Council in January, to allow them to build a screen around their famous Melwood training complex, in order to keep out the prying eyes.

The council granted them the permission in April and the construction to install the giant screen was completed in October, but that does not seem to have helped one bit. Liverpool FC’s formations are still being leaked to on the internet, leading the club authorities to believe that this is an inside job, according to Liverpool Echo.

According to reports, fans stand on top of bins or on the roof of their cars to get a look at the training session of their favourite Reds stars, and a mole is being suspected to be present within the Liverpool FC ranks.

Can a mole really wreak such havoc in football?

Millions of fans try to work their brains up and guess what team the manager is going to put out on the matchday, and what tactics he would apply. With the advent of the internet, a lot of them have a public platform, to let others like them, know what they’re thinking.

This could all just be a case of paranoia by the Liverpool FC hierarchy. However, mole or no mole, manager Jurgen Klopp knows very well that getting the results is all that matters, and a win against Leicester City in the upcoming Boxing Day fixture would lift the reds spirits during the holiday season.