Having won the race to sign the 30-year old Brazilian Centre back, in an attempt to shrug-off their recent mediocrity, return to the both Champions League football, and the summit of the Serie- A.

Despite keen interest from both Manchester United and Chelsea, Inter Milan have captured the Brazilian centre back for a reported fee of around a 12.5 million.

Having tasted both international and domestic success with Atletico Madrid . , the 30 year old Brazilian Centre back, departs the Vincente Calderon, with his head held high. Having formed one of the most lethal defensive pairings, alongside Diego Godin, Miranda stood at the Core of Los Rojiblancos with his towering yet tempered presence, balancing out Atleti’s dogged determination, to perfection. While Atletico’s fairytale run seems to continue, Miranda’s part in that fairytale has reached it’s final chapter, with the Brazilian international, opting for a move to Inter Milan by mutual consent.

Miranda now joins for Manchester City boss, Roberto Mancini, at the heart of the Nerazzuri defence. Miranda’s capture signala yet another marquee capture by the Milan club, after they successfully nabbed Monaco midfielder, Geoffery Kondogbia from A.C Milan’s grasp.

Inters transfers thus far, have been calculated, efficient, researched. Despite being only July, the club has begun strengthening their team with incredible dynamism. The business has been innovative, so much so that it has been dubbed “The Inter Formula” by Italian media outlet Corriere Dello Sport due to its methods.

The plan in basic terms is that the Nerazzurri take a player on loan (often for two years) and then pay in 12 month or 24 month installments. Spreading the payment does not impact their budget all in one hit and also helps them meet the restrictions imposed by Financial Fair Play (FFP). This system allows them to purchase a number of players (perhaps out of their initial price range) and helps them in bypassing UEFA’s sanctions by making what the paper called “intelligent payments.”

This was used well in January in the signing of Xherdan Shaqiri from Bayern Munich. Fassone and Ausilio facilitated an extremely good deal for the Swiss winger that once again allowed them to side step FFP restrictions.

The signing of Miranda, for a rumoured a 12 Million is one that is shrewd from a financial angle, and astute from a footballing perspective. The former Cortiba, Sao Paulo and Atletico defender, brings with him a wealth of varied experience, and consistent performances at the game’s most testing stages. With his contract winding down, it made sense for Atletico to let Miranda leave as they have able replacements. However, continuing one of the most formidable back-lines of recent past, without their most experience defender is not going to be an overnight development.

While some have drawn comparisons to Inter’s acquistion of Nemanja Vidic from Manchester United last term, citing how the Miranda’s signing could expose the same risks of signing an age-ing defender. The difference in Miranda’s case however, is that he still remains a very active and viable defender, unlike Vidic who was far from his best under David Moyes. More-over, Miranda was made Brazilian captain in Neymar’s absence, showing exactly how well respected he is as both a player and a professional.

Despite possessing a squad filled with promising youngsters like Kovacic and Shaqiri, alongside dependables like Handanovic and Nagatomo, Miranda’s addition will be just what the club requires- Presence, Practicality and Proven Pedrigree. While Kondogbia and Miranda may seem like perfect captures, Inter will have to work much harder, if they are to return to the summit of the Serie-A. Though the climb will be hard, Mancini’s task will seem less arduous with his new signings.