Bembem Devi ( in Blue ) with the ball

Bembem Devi ( in Blue ) with the ball

Women’s football in India has been a victim of failed organisation and failed commercial campaigns, since time immemorial. To change this scenic view and perhaps evolve a sleeping giant into a proactive one, the AIFF has proposed an ISL stylized league. The league is set to follow a franchisee based pattern and would be three to four months long. With talks of a massive ‘change’ in Indian Women’s football surfacing, we decided to heed expert advice and indulged in a conversation with Bembem Devi, a name synonymous to women’s football in India.

“Ofcourse, if it is done successfully, it will change the face of women’s football in India” says Bembem passionately, in an interview with TheHardTackle.

Bembem Devi, has been a veteran of Women’s team in India and recently led them to win the coveted SAFF Cup, held in Pakistan.

“It may be a different direction,but it will certainly bring professionalism- something which the country has perhaps lacked” she adds.

Although, franchisees could be difficult to garner and the league could be narrowed down to just three or four bodies,Bembem believes that the role of franchisees in public outreach is pivotal.

” I am sure that if the franchisees or co-owned bodies step up, the level and quality of football in the country will increase”

” In my opinion, the quality of the game could further be enhanced, if franchisees feature foreign players”

To further market the popularity of women’s football, Bollywood actresses could possibly co-own franchisees. Bembem agrees and points out that the league would be a commercial success, if this scenario unfolds.

Meanwhile, she has already fantasized about her favorite franchisee.

“I would love to be a part of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan‘s franchisee, if that is possible”

With the AIFF proposing the league to start somewhere in mid 2015, Bembem remains optimistic and hopes that the highly anticipated league, commences soon.

The league is expected to rocket Indian Women’s football to a national level and provide a solid framework for it’s running.