Sree Kanteerawa Stadium, Bangalore
11 June,2015


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94′ : And there goes the final whistle. Oman manage to keep their lead and take all three points away from home.

92′ : Dhanpal to Eugenesen now targeting Sunil but thats too long a ball to control. Crowd cheering on here.

90′ : Four minutes added on .

88′: Sunil on a run goes down easily in the D . It was a good chance could have been much stronger there . What a chance !

86′ : The game has slowed down considerably. No better chance for India to get 1 point in the campaign.

84′ : Good pressure from Jeje. Can he have a positive impact here ?

82′ : SUB – IN Jeje OUT Robin

80′ : Oman substitute another striker so it looks like Oman will park the bus now. Can India produce a move from somewhere to get that equalizer.

78′ : Good defending by Arnab. Meanwhile yet another offside call against Robin.

76′ : Critical period in the match now. Sunil Chettri on the move but his delaying his pass too long that was 3 men in the attack

74′ : SUB – IN Seityasen OUT Jackichand

72′ : India playing a physical game here. Need to keep calm. Couple of players on cards esp Vineeth.

70′ : Goal denied for India. Great work from the corner. Robin puts the ball into the nets. Linesman calls an offside.

68′ : Robin on a run earns a corner for India.

66′ : Oman make a substitution replacing a striker with a defensive midfielder.

64′ : Free kick for Oman just outside the box. This is dangerous. Straight into the wall

62′ : SUB – IN : Dhanpal Ganesh , OUT : Shehnaj

60′ : Robin SIngh coming right back into the half to help out the defense.

58′ : Neat passing football from Oman , are just waiting for an Indian mistake and toiling the Indian defense in the D area.

56′ : YELLOW CARD – Shenaj

54′ : Jackichand to Eugensen , now change of direction , thats good play , but India lose possession again.

52′ : Mawia and Vineeth mess up a bit on the right flank. Oman is on an attack here.

50′ : Good block by Euegensen and then a good ball played forward to Robin SIngh. Better start by India in the second half.

48′ : Incorrect pass by Eugenesen as Qasim Said latches onto it and shoots from distance but misses by a whisker. Near deja vu there.

46′ : So India begin from right to left now. No changes from either side.

With a WDLL record against their Arabian Sea neighbour it was going to be daunting task but the scoreline and the way India has played is pretty satisfactory till the half time. Its important not to accept any goal anymore and stretch Oman till the very end and grasp an opportunity to equalize. Cmmon India.


HT: Its the half time whistle . Entertaining first forty five minutes . Sunil’s goal keeps India in the match.

45′ : Al Muqbuali gets a booking for diving in the D. Interesting one that. Had Indian hearts thumping there with the Ref pointing towards the goal initially.

43′ : Good block by Jackichand. Oman keeping the ball much more now. Goal scorer Al Hosini gets a booking for high foot on Dhanachandra Singh

41′ : Corner for India. Eugenesen straight into the goalkeeper Ali Habisi.

39′ : GOAL ! Twice taken for an infringement with the first. Al Housini takes Oman into the lead

37′ : PENALTY ! Dhana gets the Omani forward down in the D

35′ : Good cross in from the left wing from CK Vineeth. Mawia combined well there up front. Bengaluru FC touch that

33′ : Robin is being caught off side more than often. Cant lose possession in this manner Mr Robin.

31′ : Good strong defense from Mawaia. More of this lad.

29′ : Robin back to Shenaj now to Jackichand back to Robin , now thats good play !

27′ : Now its time to show some maturity and calm down. Pass around and do the build up play. Cmmon India . We CAN !

25′ : GOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal ! Sunil Chettri you beauty !!! Rino with a throw in and Sunil twists and turns and curls past in the right corner

23′ : So with a 4-5-2 formation India is playing mix of long balls and short passes in midfield which is good to see

21′ : So a mini break in action as AL Mukhaini goes down with a CK Vineeth tackle.

. 19′ : Possession stats 33-67 . Thats not good when at home. Meanwhile India get a corner via a mistake by Omani defender

17′ : Wooh ! Ball just went across the goal post against a diving Subrata trying to fill up a big hole in defense.

15′ : Dhanachandra just about managing to block a shot on target . Corner for Oman . India struggling to keep possession now

13′ : That was close ! Oman could have gone two nil up here. India is struggling in defense . Missing Sandesh big time maybe ?

11′ : Sehnaj in working hard in the midfield. India is playing well but the defense looks shaky. Arnab just turned away as Al Muqabali took a shot at goal

9′ : GREAT SAVE ! Acrobatic save from Subrata against a free kick from distance on the left.

7′ : Good physical challenges by India and are looking to be a match for thier Omani counterparts.

5′ : India look positive even after conceding a goal. CK Vineeth trying to build up from the left wing.

3′ : India trying to settle down a bit now as Jackichand tries to find Robin Singh in midfield.

1′ : GOAL ! Ooopps. Oman score. That was quick . It was blitzkrieg ! Qasim Said just ran through the Indian defense there after the start.

0′ : An awesome crowd support here in Bengaluru for India . The 12th man , can they just help India cross the line? Follow the updates to know more. Oman begin from left to right !

Kick-off : India in their all blue outfits while Oman in all reds walk onto the field. The National Anthems …

India begin yet another attempt for the FIFA World Cup Finale but should ideally just focus on getting close the AFC Cup whereas Oman restart with a new vigor after narrowly missing the berth to Brazil 2014.

Starting Line Up

India Subrata Paul , Rino Anto , Arnab Mondal , Lal Fanai , CK Vineeth , Sehnaj SIngh , Eugeneson Lyngdoh , Jackichand Singh , Sunil Chettri , Robin Singh