Liverpool FC‘s newest No. 7 James Milner has accepted that his style of play leads to certain labeling, and he is perfectly fine with it, he further talked up a more central role under new manager Brendan Rodgers.

James Milner signed for Liverpool FC on a free earlier this month, following the expiration of his Manchester City contract, and with the departure of talismanic captain, Steven Gerrard to MLS outfit, LA Galaxy, there has been a void in the center of park for Liverpool FC, which the Englishman is eyeing to fill. He also talks about frustration’s during his time at the Etihad, where his ‘low maintenance’ worked against him.

The English winger, was used in the wide areas throughout his five-year-long Manchester City career, however, according to Milner, Rodgers feels that his best position is in the central areas and the 29-year-old is ready to make the most of the opportunity provided to him, to establish himself as a central attacking midfielder, rather than a winger.

“I never really got that chance at Manchester City”

Milner in a recent interview said- a The manager sees that as my best position.a

a You know, I never really got that chance at Manchester City and developed into a utility player. Playing in all the positions has made me a better player because ita s not easy to do that. Understanding the game has made me a more rounded player as well.

“But Manchester City were not interested in me when I was playing out-wide at Newcastle.”

a I only had one season at Aston Villa in the middle and that prompted City to spend a hell of a lot of money for me

“I was in the team of the year; went to the World Cup that year as arguably one of the most in-form centre midfielders in the league.”

a Ita s one disappointment that I did not get the chance to maybe play 20 games in the middle (at City) and show people what I could do.”

He also talks about frustration’s during his time at the Etihad, where his ‘low maintenance’ worked against him.

a If you’re the manager and someone is kicking down the door and sulking and ruining training, and you’ve got someone else who gets left out of the team and carries on, who are you going to leave out as a manager? It’s just human instinct.

a I don’t think I’d like to be that guy who does disrupt training. I always feel the team comes first and that’s the way it is and me being a disruptive influence, because I’m not playing, doesn’t help the team.

a I’ve been at clubs and been in (to the manager) and asked what I can do better to be in the team, but as a player the only way I can change his mind is in training and when he gives me a chance to perform.”

Milner, renowned for his endless reserves of energy, which enables his work-horse like gameplay, has accepted that his style of play would invite a couple of ‘boring’ nicknames.

“You get labelled as a player and therea s no change in that. . Ia m Boring James Milner and thata s the way it is.”

Milner the answer to Liverpool FC’s No. 10 conundrum?

Liverpool FC have in their ranks a couple of dazzling No. 10’s and James Milner, who would all be vying for the coveted central spot just behind the striker. Philippe Coutinho is there, with his brilliant footwork and outrageous goals, Adam Lallana is there, the former Southampton man with a brilliant first touch and there’s also new A?29 million signing of Brazilian, Roberto Firmino, along with another new signing in James Milner.

While, all bring different set of skills to the team, Milner has been known for his excellent work-rate and the ability to contribute effectivey while defending also, not something you would associate a Coutinho, Firmino or a Lallana with. Those players thrive in the No. 10 role, where not a lot of defensive duties are expected from them, and they are allowed to roam freely, in a bid to unlock opposition defenses.

While, Milner may also excel in this No. 10 role, it will be his counter-parts who would not be at their best if shunted to wide areas, as a result affecting the team’s performance. However, a lot will depend on the formation, that Liverpool stick with to accommodate the new signings, and maybe Milner does indeed find himself competing for a central spot, if Brendan Rodgers feels, it will help get the best out of the team.