Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez, who also played for Schalke, the rivals of Los Blancos for tonighta s UEFA Champions League game, has said that he will definitely come back to the current European champions if they offer him an important role at the club.

Raul played for more than 15 years for Real Madrid till 2010, when he joined Bundesliga side Schalke. The former captain of Los Blancos is tipped to join them again in a non-playing role in future and the legend himself has not ruled out that possibility.

a Real Madrid is my home and if I have the opportunity to go back and do something important, or something that really appeals to me, Ia ll do it,a Raul said. He was speaking to a I went back a year ago with Al-Sadd and, after three or four years away, to still feel loved by the people in Madrid was very emotional for me.a

a But now Ia m focused on a very exciting project here with the Cosmos. I think therea s a long road of discovery ahead in the United States. Soccer is getting stronger in this country, little by little.

a I could possibly stay here for four or five years. Who knows what could happen at Real Madrid in that time? Who knows how things might change?a

Two former clubs of Raul Gonzalez, Real Madrid and Schalke 04, are playing against each other in UEFA Champions League tonight and the striker admitted that the Los Blancos are favorites to beat the Germans.

a Real Madrid are favourites but Schalke could possibly win,a said Raul. a Schalke was a beautiful experience for me.

a Ia d like Schalke to win in Gelsenkirchen, and Real Madrid to win in Madrid, and for the better team to go through.

a I spent most of my career at Real Madrid, but I had two very special years at Schalke and I have a lot of affection for the club.a

Real Madrid have made a difficult start to the year 2015 as they have lost to arch rivals Atletico Madrid in La Liga. But Raul said that they will definitely come back strongly again.

a Real Madrid can still win the league, but every loss to Atletico hurts.a

a Therea s only one way to get out of a bad run and that is to concentrate and work hard. Whether you win, five, 10 or 20 matches in a row, you cana t relax. Ita s the same with a loss a you cana t let it bring you down. Seasons are 10 months long and what matters is to get to the last two to three months in your best form.a