The 4-0 loss to bitter rivals FC Barcelona in the first El Clasico of the year is not the only problem Real Madrid has to deal with right now. With a string of under-performing stars getting preference, talented young players like Isco are reported to be looking at their options.

Due to the lack of first team opportunities at the Santiago Bernabeu, Isco is said to be unhappy about his situation at the club and this is one story that his long-time suitors Manchester City would be keenly following, according to the Daily Mirror.

Benitez’s star-preference pushing Isco away from Madrid?

Real Madrid may have been successful in thwarting Manchester City’s efforts in the past, but they might find it a tad bit difficult now, as Isco’s interest in staying at the club might be waning.

Isco has gotten quite a bit of game-time under his belt in the initial part of this season, when primary play maker James Rodriguez was injured. However, as we saw at the El Clasico, . manager Rafa Benitez fielded the Colombian, who did not seem to be entirely match fit for that game. As a result, Real completely capitulated in front of a strong Barcelona attack.

This preference of Benitez (or perhaps that of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez) to go for the star names, instead of the in-form ones may be pushing the 23-year-old out of the Santiago Bernabeu.

The Pellegrini factor

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini was instrumental in bringing out the talent of Isco, in the latter’s younger days at Malaga. The Chilean manager has been trying to sign the 23-year-old ever since the former joined Manchester City.

With these new developments, the time may soon have come when Real may no longer be able to hold on to the Spaniard. Also, the fact that Isco has just around one and a half years left on his contract could be something that works out in Manchester City’s favour. However, Manchester city already have top quality playmakers in the form of David Silva and Kevin De Bryune in their squad, and it is another matter where Pellegrini fits Isco in, to give him more game-time at the etihad.