Despite interest from some of Europe’s top clubs, such as Barcelona and Chelsea, Paul Pogba seems to have committed his short term future to the club. In doing so, the young Frenchman has vowed to make himself central to Juventus’ future success, by adopting the role left behind by midfielder Arturo Vidal.

Juventus enjoyed perhaps their greatest season, since their UEFA Champions League win in 1996, last season. Despite losing out on the fabled treble, Juventus had assembled one of their finest squads to date. With a tight defence, a terrifying counter attack, Juventus marvelled the footballing community. The firm heart and centre of this operation, was the versatile midfield partnership between Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba.
With the former departing for Bayern Munich, the time is ripe for the 22 year old, former United product, to take a defining central role.

Pogba’s loyalty towards Juventus shows that his personal ambition is aligned with that of the club.


Whilst Vidal was central to Juve’s success last season, Pogba’s ascent proves the real highlight. Vidal netted 35 goals in four seasons in Serie A, hitting eight in all competitions last season, while Pogba has scored 20 times in three years in the Italian top flight.

In a recent interview with La Gazetta dello Sport, Pogba spoke of his readiness to play where ever required.

I am happy to play wherever the coach needs me. I feel really good playing as an attacking midfielder behind two strikers. We’ll see what happens. It’s a role I enjoy,”

When asked about his ambitions, Pogba responded;

“I think I can be [our most prolific midfielder]. I hope it will happen, both for myself and for Juventus.

“Two great midfielders have left, but I have learned a lot from them. It’s now up to me to show that I have grown. “

If they can hold onto him, Pogba can be an instrumental figure for a newer, younger, Old Lady

The revival of Juventus, in light of the departures of Tevez, Pirlo and Vidal, has been a much debated topic in Italy. With an influential core of players all departing together, Juventus have rightly shopped the market for young, talented prospects, who’ll continue their legacy. The acquisition of Paulo Dybala as well as the signing of Alvaro Morata show that Juventus are injecting youth talent where it’s most needed, while still keeping their defence and deeper midfield experienced.

Will Pogba Fill the Void Left Behind by Vidal and Pirlo?

Will Pogba Fill the Void Left Behind by Vidal and Pirlo?

Pogba has played with discipline at both no.6 and no.8 positions, yet when given space to roam, he marauds the midfield like none near his age. Plying in a playmaking role in a 3-5-2 or a 4-4-2 Diamond system can give Pogba all the resources to unleash himself, and consequently prove a dangerous weapon in Juventus’ arsenal.

At 22, and on a steep upward trajectory, Pogba will only thrive if given more responsibility. Marked by a rare blend of discipline and skill, Pogba can well join the elite ranks of Juventus’ midfield legends, that house some of Europe’s greatest midfielders. Whilst comparisons to Davids, Del Piero and Pirlo may be highly presumptuous, Pogba possesses both the charisma and character to rise to the very top.

He will have to adjust to new players such as Mandzukic, Khedira and Dybala, but newer in-form players are more likely to have a positive effect on his development than anything else. Whilst only time will tell how good Pogba can get, Juventus is the ideal club for the youngster, who probably wont get such a golden opportunity to grow at Barcelona or Real Madrid.