Speaking about David De Gea, who is reported to have agreed to personal terms with Real Madrid, Manchester United manager Van Gaal admitted that the club is already preparing for his departure as the decision to stay or leave lies with Spaniard.

Van Gaal reiterated the fact that Manchester United are very keen to extend De Geaa s contract with the club but he admitted that he is not sure if United can match what Real Madrid are ready to offer De Gea.

a a He has to sign, he has to want to stay here at Manchester United. I don’t know [why he hasn’t decided] and I don’t know if we can offer what Madrid can. I cannot speak for Real Madrid.a

However Van Gaal also admitted that the club has already drawn up a list of potential replacements as the club is looking to prepare itself for a life after their prized goal-keeper. Van Gaal went on to claim that Manchester United have an excellent a scouting commissiona and that the club is organized for David De Geaa s departure.

“But we have a very good scouting commission, so we shall already know who shall be the next goalkeeper. We also have a list of goalkeepers who can replace him because we have to be organised always.a

Chelseaa s Petr Cech and Tottenham Hotspura s Hugo Lloris are rumoured to be linked with a move to Manchester United in a bid to replace David De Gea.