Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has accused his rivals for the Premier League title, namely Manchester City, Liverpool FC and Manchester United to try and buy the title and the fans of the clubs are not amused.

Chelsea FC have not splashed the cash this summer, with only Asmir Begovic and Radamel Falcao having joined the club, the first for a fee of around A?10 million and the second on loan. The Premier League champions have a well settled squad and did not need to invest heavily in the squad, with Mourinho insisting that the club would only replace a departing player

Chelsea FC have themselves been one of the biggest spenders in the world since the arrival of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich at the helm of the club, with Mourinho in his first spell with the club, spending exorbitantly buying titles to establish his legacy.

The 52-year-old himself spent in excess of circa A?150 million, at a time when that used to be a lot more money than now, to bring on the likes of Petr Cech, Arjen Robben and Didier Drogba to the club in his first spell.

Mourinho said: . a Now, they are buying the title. All of them, they are buying the title.”

a It is up to us to be strong and to fight them and, obviously, to try and win it again, even without the big investments.a

Clearly, given from the tweets below, the fans of rival clubs are not too pleased.