Arsenal legend Thierry Henry called fans that verbally abused Arsene Wenger after the defeat to Stoke City were a a jokea .

Henry wasna t happy with the way the fans expressed their anger to the defeat, and while he was all up for fans having a say, he didna t support a out of ordera reactions.

He said, a Fans do have a voice, I understand that. But what I saw after the Stoke game was out of order. You can express that you are upset but to do it in that way was a bit too much. In the game at the moment, unfortunately, that is the way it is.a

Henry also had special praise for Alexis Sanchez, even going so far as to say that Alexis was his successor that Arsenal have been looking for all this while.

He said, a Arsenal were looking for a player to deliver on a daily basis and they have found one. He is brilliant. He can read the game incredibly, as you saw with the goal on Sunday, and his work-rate is fantastic.

a He scores goals and doesna t need a lot of opportunities to put the ball in the net. That is very important.

a He is a very, very good player and you know that if he is on tune, then Arsenal have a lot of chances to win the game. I am trying to think if there has been a better signing in the last five or six years. It is still early days but so far it is very good. He is doing extremely well. He is going to score goals but it is his all-round game that I am so impressed with. That has no price.

Arsenal fans have been waiting to have a player like that. Finally they have one. He struggled at the beginning, like everybody, but when he got into a rhythm, you can see the quality. We should all be happy with him. He is going to be a great player for many years.a

To the point that Arsenal are completely dependent on Alexis Sanchez, Henry disagreed, citing a few games that Arsenal win despite Alexis not being at his best.

a In some of the games when he hasna t appeared, Arsenal have won them. Sanchez didna t have a great game against West Ham a and they won. He didna t have a great game against QPR a and they won. So there you go.a