Gunners legend Thierry Henry has confirmed what everyone has already known, that he wouldna t say no if he was offered the Arsenal job.

Henry, however, was not in any rush, pointing out that Arsene Wenger had the say when he would want to leave and that he had a lot of learning to do anyway.

Henry said, “The thing that I will say is, I dona t know what Arsene wants to do and how long he will stay, I just want to be equipped to be in the position one day maybe to be a managera Being the manager of Arsenal football club will be a dream but leta s all be honest, I need to learn first, thata s the most important thing. Ita s not because you know the game that you can teach it and I just want to learn.a

When asked what his response would be if Arsene offered him the job, Henry said, a I cana t say no to Arsenal so I would say yes!a

Thierry Henry also touched on the problem of racism in football, and the incident involving Chelsea fans in Paris.

Henry said, a You cana t have a go at Chelsea because ita s difficult to control who is going to travel, you cana t have that control.

a You play a game and you try to concentrate and keep your composure and what you hear sometimes is a blacka this and a monkeya and monkey chants and people spitting at you when you take a corner kick and it is not easy. It is not easy and that has to stop and what has to be done for it to stop, I dona t know.

“You need to have a zero tolerance, I believe in that. I did encounter [racism] and it is not easy to deal with Ia m telling you because when you lose it [everybody is] like a he should know better, come on, behave!a I am a human being and thata s not the type of thing you want to heara It is not an easy one, we do not want to see that and it has to stop.a

Henry also said that he was worried that racism inside the football stadium would become a normality and get accepted. He said, a At one point what I was scared about was it becoming a normalitya I tell you one thing about the game – and thata s the game that I love and I will always protect and defend – but if you say whatever you can hear in the stadium outside the stadium, you will get in trouble. But you can say it in the stadium.

“I never understood that part that once you are in the stadium you can say whatever you want and thata s not on. Ita s part of the game sometimes, we dona t want to kill everything also because we all love a bit of banter between the fans [but] you need to have the right balance.a

Henry added: a I used to love when people were booing in the right waya because thata s when I used to come alive because I used to love that when people were doubting me or thinking that I wasna t good enough to perform,a he started but said, a when you hear the monkey chants and the spitting at you because the colour of your skin is different, because you believe in something else, because whatever it is, I think ita s not on and it should stop.a