Amidst reports of a move to Real Madrid, Van Gaal has possibly conceded that De Gea is going to join the Spanish giants come summer.

The rumour mills have been working overnight to figure out what is really happening with David De Gea. The Manchester United keeper has been linked with Real Madrid for a while now and it seems he is inching closer to the Spanish capital every passing day. Now, his manager, Van Gaal has also spoken about his future and hinted that he might be joining a Spanish club soon.

The Dutchman said he did not know if Real had made an offer, but added: “It is not easy to choose between two great clubs. We would be very happy if he stays.

“He is Spanish and his girlfriend is Spanish and he can go to another great club, so it is difficult for him to decide.

“David De Gea shall not leave us so easily because we are a great club and he wants to participate.

“He is still behind Casillas but now a Spanish club is coming.”

Real Madrid finished the season without winning single major silverware. Most of the cluba s fans associate the poor performance this season to Casillasa form which is visibly deteriorating. The 33-year old may be playing his last season with his boyhood club and former Atletico Madrid boy, David De Gea seems the apt choice to succeed him.

Van Gaal further commented that he would not try to tempt De Gea to stay at Manchester United anymore. The Spaniard has one more season on his contract which comes to an end in 2016.

a He knows everything that he has at Manchester United at this moment.

“I don’t have to say anything for the benefit of Manchester United because he can feel everything. The crowd has been unbelievable. You have seen that reaction here. It has been unbelievable, for the team and for him individually.

“When he is going he is losing that because here he has a lot of credits.”