Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs has revealed that the club’s record signing Angel Di Maria isn’t going through a confidence crisis at the moment after some lacklustre performances of late.

Di Maria hasn’t scored in the Premier League since early October when he found the back of the net against Everton. In addition, his impact on the pitch has gone down compared to the first few months after he signed. He has failed to complete the last three Premier League games after being subbed for his below par performances.

His performances have led to stories that the Argentine is short on confidence. Ryan Giggs however wronged the fact and said that he isn’t short on confidence and will produce in the coming games, “I think his confidence is fine. He’s a quality player and we’ll be looking for him to produce because it is big game after big game now.

“Players get used to different leagues, sometimes quickly and sometimes it takes a bit of time.

“He had a really good start to the season but with players who take risks and who can win games it’s always difficult to be consistent because they will try things that other players won’t do.

“They’re capable of doing that and that’s why they’re match-winners and the best players,” Giggs told Press Association Sport.

Giggs also said that his side are producing the results which is the most important thing at this point of time and added that the style will improve once you go on a winning run, “This is the time really when results are the top focus and then the performances will come and the confidence you get from that.

“I think we’ve tried a lot of systems this year and obviously the manager’s new to the players and new to the league, so that’s going to take time.

“But over the last three months or so we’ve only been beaten twice and we’re in pretty good form.

“It’s tight and all the teams up there are in relatively good form.

“It could come to a few head-to-heads and we’ve got to play a few of the top teams yet, so it’s going to be exciting right to the end.

Manchester United host Arsenal at home in the FA Cup quarter-final and the red devils will want to win the competition as they haven’t lifted it since 2004. Giggs opined that the club have a good history in the FA Cup despite a barren run in the last decade, “We’ve got so much history in the cup that it’s long overdue.”