Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has been slammed by former referee Graham Poll for his stamp on Ander Herrera that led to his 33-second demise in yesterday’s clash against Manchester United.

With Liverpool trailing at half time, Gerrard was introduced into the game for the injured Adam Lallana. The stage was set for Gerrard as the team needed his drive from midfield in what was his last game for Liverpool against Manchester United; a team that he likes playing against. However, Gerrard lasted just over half a minute after his stamp on Herrera and in the end, it cost his side the game.

Former referee Graham Poll felt the challenge was ‘stupid’ to say the least and it was clearly something that was a result of the high tension tie that Liverpool versus Manchester United usually is, a Steven Gerrard will know how stupid he was in retaliating to Anders Herreraa s late challenge with a stamp to the United player’s calf in the first minute of the second half.

a Martin Atkinson, having seen the incident clearly, was left with no option but to dismiss the Liverpool captain who had only been on the field for just 33 seconds.

a These clashes are adrenalin fuelled emotional affairs when the crowd can affect the mood of the players and it was clear from Gerrarda s first tackle, which the Anfield crowd loved and rose as soon as he had made it, that Gerrard was determined to leave a mark on his final clash with Manchester United. He certainly did that but not how he would have wanted.a

Former teammate not impressed by actions either

Gerrard’s former teammate, Jamie Carragher, too did not spare him the criticism and said, “It’s a moment of madness. There is no doubt, him not playing at Swansea and being on the bench today, that he is frustrated,” Carragher told Sky Sports.


“For 17 or 18 years, he has been the man here. There has never been a case where he is out of the team. Whenever he is fit, he comes back into the side.

“Steven is an emotional player. He has taken teams into unbelievable moments and when he plays from the heart, he does special things.

“But that can also affect him negatively. He has picked up four red cards in matches against Everton and Manchester United. And there is no doubt the emotion and frustration coming into the game has contributed.

“There is no doubt it was a red card. You cannot do that on a football pitch.”