Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard has criticised Raheem Sterling’s behaviour towards the club and told him to ‘be a man’ about his future.

The Raheem Sterling saga at Liverpool FC has been a tale of unprofessionalism and disrespect towards the club right from day one as the winger tries to force a move away.


The Timeline:

October: Liverpool FC were due to face Real Madrid when Sterling’s agent gave a statement that the player is attracting interest from Real Madrid, a move that led Jamie Carragher say on twitter and then on Sky Sports that the player is looking to get a new contract and thereby his agent is feeding stories in the media.

Between October – April: Sterling was given new contracts couple of time which he had rejected, with Liverpool FC hoping the player would sign a deal described as ‘incredible’ by Brendan Rodgers sooner than later.

April: The infamous BBC interview set up by his agent Aidy Ward where Sterling says he wants to leave Liverpool FC not because of money but for trophies

May: Jamie Carragher said that ‘for a 20-year-old kid to be taking on Liverpool Football Club over a contract. To the pit of my stomach that just winds me up, it angers me’ which led to the infamous rant by Aidy Ward who declared a He (Sterling) is definitely not signing. Hea s not signing for A?700,000, A?800,000 or A?900,000 a week. He is not signing.” Which led Liverpool FC to cancel contract talks with Sterling

June: Liverpool FC then rejected offers worth upto 40m GBP for Raheem Sterling from Manchester City

July: The player then informed the club, first, that he does not want to go on the pre-season tour, then failed to turn up for two consecutive days to the training citing illness which Liverpool FC are yet to determine was faked or not. The player also had reportedly said to the manager Brendan Rodgers he does not want to play for him, yet another reason to force his way out.

Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard has finally broken his silence over Raheem Sterling’s behaviour, with Jamie Carragher earlier saying that the winger is hurting his reputation.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Gerrard blasted Sterling of letting down Liverpool’s supporters and urged him to be a ‘man’.

Gerrard said: a Ia m not happy with all that carry-on and I dona t think therea s any need for it. They all need to be men about the situation.”

a Raheem needs to go in and speak to the owners and to Brendan himself, tell them what he wants and go about it that way. You dona t have to throw illnesses in and refuse to go on tour.”

“There are millions and millions of Liverpool fans around the world who are itching to see Raheem Sterling in a Liverpool kit. So I dona t think ita s fair on them if he is behaving like that.a

It is hard to disagree with Gerrard that Raheem Sterling’s behavior is nothing short of unprofessional, and indeed, very disrespectful towards Liverpool FC and their fans.