Brendan Rodgers is on very thin ice right now and the fact that one of the most coveted managers in European football has recently made himself available doesn’t exactly help matters.

Things haven’t gone very well for Rodgers and Liverpool since the defeat to Manchester United last month and there is a lot of talking about the Northern Irishman and his future with the club.

While his job could have been safe even after a loss of a Champions League place next season and the FA Cup semi-final exit, recent draw and loss to West Brom and Hull City hasn’t exactly helped matters.

Rodgers himself admitted that any manager needs results to stay at a club and the lack of which could result in a probable sacking. He must be even more worried now that Klopp is available and could be asked to take over next season after he admitted he wasn’t looking for a sabbatical.

German football expert Raf Honigstein said on TalkSport that the German knows that he won’t be approached by one of the top 4 English clubs currently, but could find it very tough to turn the Liverpool job down.

Liverpool FC vs Manchester United FC“Speaking to people close to him in November, where it was already on the cards that he might move to England, it was understood he wanted to move to an established Champions League club,” he told Hawksbee and Jacobs. “Hea s also realistic enough to know that there arena t that many likely offers from top four clubs coming in.

a At the same time, in so far as a emotional connection, and an ideal fit, Borussia Dortmund to Liverpool is the closest resemblance you can find. The fans are a huge part of the club, they also sing youa ll never walk alone. Therea s a special kind of atmosphere in the city. It would be very hard for Jurgen Klopp to turn Liverpool down.”

Needless to say, this will only pile pressure on Rodgers who needs result and could maybe, irrespective of four wins in the remaining four fixtures (including one against Chelsea), still be sacked by the Liverpool owners. This is one saga that is likely to continue till there is some clear word from any of the three parties.