Former Chelsea FC midfielder Frank Lampard has come out in support of last seasona s PFA Player of the Year Eden Hazard during his guest appearance on Sky Sports’ popular show Monday Night Football.


Eden Hazard had been in sparkling form for Chelsea FC last season as they cantered to the league title, but his loss of form coincided with Chelsea FCa s horrendous start to their season leading to criticism from all corners. Rumours have also surfaced claiming that the Belgian’s relationship with manager Jose Mourinho is particularly strained at the moment.

But Chelsea FCa s all time leading goalscorer Frank Lampard, during his appearance as a guest pundit on Sky Sports, called for support for the young midfielder during this dismal run of form. The Daily Mail (via Sky Sports) reports that Frank Lampard believes Hazarda s lack of experience is hindering him to regain the form he displayed season.

a I love Eden Hazard as a player, I was fortunate enough to play with him, his ability is frightening. I think we forget he’s a young boy, he’s come onto the scene these last couple of years, he’s never had a moment like this in his career.

“He’s never had to worry. He’s generally played very well, last year he was creating all season, and was the difference for Chelsea to a big extent.”

The curious case of Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard, the mercurial Belgian, had been a key player alongside Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa in Chelsea FCa s League triumph after five years, but his loss of form has seen the Blues make their worst start to the season in 37 years.

The Belgiana s form has not only been criticised by his managers but has been also trolled vigorously on various internet forums. Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has tried every possible way to evoke a response from Hazard, but is believed to have only soured his relations with the 24-year-old.