Former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has reportedly narrowed down his next assignment, but sadly it isn’t in Europe.

As per reports, former Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers has traveled to the Middle East in order to discuss a possible managerial job in a cash rich Qatari club. Since being sacked, Rodgers has been out of work and was planning to take a break from the game to overcome his disappointment, but the lucrative offer has tempted the North Irishman to ponder a possible move to the Qatar.

Both parties have tried to keep the talks about a possible deal under wraps, but ita s understood that the Qatar club are willing to pay in excess of A?3million per year and that has forced Rodgers to rethink his position.

The 42-year-old wouldna t be first former EPL manager to move to Qatar, as he would follow the footsteps of Michael Laudrup, who joined Qatar Stars League side Lekhwiya, after being sacked by Swansea City FC and won a league and cup double.

Rodgers, who also had managed Swansea City earlier, had been offered roles as a pundit but had declined them to overcome his disappointment.

Qatar a A footballing country

Many negative reports have been emerging about Qatar since they won their bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid, but the country are trying to spring a football revolution within their borders, as they bring in former stars players and coaches to help their young players get the necessary exposure for the challenge of the 2022 World Cup.


Qatara s attempt may be a bit out of the box, but it has been tried elsewhere(USA) and has been somewhat successful, but only time will tell whether this massive expenditure will pay off.