Former Chelsea FC fan-favourite David Luiz expressed his reservation in returning to Paris, following the second major terrorist attack within the span of a year.


PSG centre-back David Luiz was seen fuelling the fires of personal safety following the Paris attack, by admitting that he would prefer not returning to Paris.


Currently, Luiz is away from Paris due to international commitments and will be expected to report back to PSG following Brazila s World Cup qualifier against Peru on Tuesday. PSG, though, will hope that they can ease some of the fears expressed by the worlda s costliest defender.

David Luiz, who will be suspended for Brazila s match against Peru, was quoted saying in the post match media conference by Gazzetta World (via Mirror):

a I have my girlfriend and some family and friends in Paris.

a They were all very sad and scared. I dona t know what Ia m going to do and whether I will head back [to Paris].

a Playing for PSG is my job but if it were up to me then I would not go back.a

Will the players be safe?

David Luiz is well within his rights to ask the question about the personal security of himself and his family, but one can understand that the quotes have been used slightly out of context. The French government have announced a three-day mourning for victims of the terror attack, and Luiz most probably said that he wouldna t be returning to Paris until Wednesday despite not being able to represent his country against Peru after being sent off against Argentina.

Luiz, though, is understandably concerned about the safety of his family after Paris became the target of a second major attack within a year.