Fiorentina director Vincenzo Guerini has confirmed their a insanea offer for Mohamed Salah, who must give an answer by June 30 or return to Chelsea FC.

The Egyptian international arrived in January at Florence as part of the Juan Guillermo Cuadrado to Chelsea FC deal and has been hugely impressive for Fiorentina, since then.

The Viola have an option to extend the loan for another year, but can also buy him outright from Chelsea FC for a 18m.

While the club is pressing ahead with it’s option to buy the player, Mohamed Salah has power of veto over the move and is considering his options, as Juventus, Inter and Tottenham are among the clubs reportedly interested in the winger.

Confirming the offer for the Chelsea FC player, Fiorentina director Vincenzo Guerini told reporters at an event last night, a I tell the fans that the club made an insane offer to Salah.a

a If any player, not just Salah, turned down a proposal like that, then ita s best he doesna t stay at Fiorentina. However, I think Salah will accept.”

a He made a huge impact with us, so ita s normal that he should receive calls from elsewhere. He wants to earn more, but Fiorentina made a truly important proposal.a

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the salary promised to Salah is double what he is currently getting at 1.8m Euros a year. The deadline for the player to agree to the deal is June 30, with Salah set to return to Chelsea FC on July 1.


Should Fiorentina pull the move off, it will be some coup given that the likes of Juventus and Inter, who have been very sharp in the transfer market, will be needed to be trumped to the move for the Chelsea FC winger.