Juventus FC skipper Gianluigi Buffon said that they had plans of reaching the finals but admitted that they themselves did not expect that they would reach the stage so soon.

The Italian side take on Spanish giants FC Barcelona in the final today. Both the teams have completed a domestic double this time and will look forward to complete a treble. A mouth-watering clash is on the cards.

Speaking ahead of the UEFA Champions League final, the legendary Italian goalkeeper said: a It was definitely a target.

a One which myself and my teammates set ourselves in recent years and have now been able to reach. We probably didna t expect to get there this season, but ita s been the ideal campaign for many reasons.

a The first, and most important of all, is a big change at the technical level in the Coach, who in my opinion could have gotten us to the final in the next two or three years.

a Instead, it came earlier than expected, we didna t expect it. And like all good, unexpected surprises it brings us great joy.a

Buffon further mentioned that experience will play a decisive factor in this high voltage Champions League final clash. Both the teams have quality players who have the experience of handling pressure.

a The emotional aspect will be there, and it will be an important part of the game”, he added.


a Ita s also true that both teams have players, whether theya re young or less young, who have valuable experience which they can draw on to manage these types of situations.

a I guess at the beginning, one side or the other might find it more difficult, but after those first five or 10 minutes, over the 90 minutes youa ll see two real teams and what theya ve done to reach the final.a