FIFA president, Joseph S. Blatter is currently under investigation for a suspicion of criminal mismanagement and suspicion of misappropriationa of funds, as announced by Switzerlanda s office of the Attorney General.

The Swiss officials revealed that they were mainly concentrating on two financial transactions involving Mr. Blatter, one of which also involves the current UEFA head, Michel Platini. A part of the investigation revolves around a contract that Mr. Blatter is reported to have signed which gave valuable World Cup television rights to the control of an indicted former FIFA official, Jack Warner.

Sepp Blatter, serving as the FIFA president since assuming the position in 1998, was forced to step down within 3 days after being re-elected in May after his position became untenable in the wake of the arrests of 14 top football and marketing officials.

Having earlier called for a media interaction, Blatter cancelled the meeting in the wake of the charges levelled against the FIFA President.

Blatter’s U.S. attorney, Robert Cullen, after initially declining to comment, revealed to the Telegraph that Blatter was cooperating with the Swiss criminal investigation.

Cullen added that the reported contract was one that was ‘properly prepared and negotiated by the appropriate staff members of FIFA’.

“Certainly no mismanagement occurred”

According to the reports, Michel Platini remained unavailable to offer a comment on the above proceedings.