FIFA president Sepp Blatter today said that the Russia World Cup will be the best ever hosted in the sporta s history and reiterated that nothing will stop that from happening.

“If a few politicians are not particularly happy that we are hosting the World Cup in Russia, then I always tell them: ‘Well then, stay at home’,” Blatter told reporters in a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

a Everything is going to plan and nothing will get in the way of Russia hosting the best ever World Cup. The economic situation is not the best but I know it will get better.a

With the political situation in Europe in turmoil, there have been calls from various influential governments to strip Russia off the status of World Cup host but Blatter has refused to let politics interfere with the sport.

In fact, Sepp Blatter has not allowed any change in the Qatar World Cup either, with a lot more associations clamouring against a winter world cup that will get in the way of their club league schedules.

While the idea of using sport to make a political statement may sound great, there are two entirely different things. In this case at least, most fans would agree that as long as it is safe to play and safe for the crowds who visit from different countries, there is no call to just change the venue on the whims of politicians.