Fernando Torres said a sincere and emotional thank you to the Liverpool fans after the Kop sung his song for the first time in four years.

Liverpool fans angrily turned on the Spanish striker when he left Liverpool for Chelsea in 2011, but at the All Star charity match they showed they were ready to forgive and forget.

The famous a Fernando Torres Liverpoola s number ninea chant was sung by the Kop and a clearly moved Torres said afterwards: a It was just very emotional.”

a I didna t know how to react because I was not expecting them to sing the song which I still remember.

a I remember the great games we had here in the Champions league and trying to win the league and fighting for trophies.

a I have this song in my head and it was so important for me.

a Those three and a half years changed my entire life and I remember every important moment there was always that song from the Kop.

a So to hear that once again is something I will never forget.

a Everybody knows Liverpool fans are different class and for me today it is one of those things you can only dream about.

a It is just amazing to be able to be here and I just want to thank everybody for the welcome.a

Steven Gerrard and and Fernando Torre Hug each other

Torres now at his hometown club Atletico Madrid, was invited by Steven Gerrard to return to Anfield and the Spaniard said he had no hesitation in accepting.

a Ita s difficult to explain when you are playing for the home team, ita s a bit different when you are playing for the away team!”

a But today was a day I will never forget for sure.”

a It was so emotional to play again with my team-mates who we had such a great time playing for Liverpool together and especially the reaction of the supporters.”

a I have said many times that Stevie is the best player I have played with ever and I dona t think I would play with a player like him again.”

a He changed my game, the way I used to approach games, my ambition, everything, so when he called me to invite me to the game I said of course. I would have done anything to be here.”

a All my great memories in my head are next to him.”

a It was an important day for him so the least I could do was be here for him.a

The Spaniard also thanked Liverpool Supporters on Social Media.