Poland finished their Euro 2016 qualifier with a 2-1 victory against the Republic of Ireland, earlier this month. This earned them a direct entry into the group stage of the competition.

Under normal circumstances, that would have called for a toast. However, Poland seems to think differently, as the countrya s alpha striker Robert Lewandowski found out the hard way.

The FC Bayern Munich star has been reported to the police, for something that hardly anyone would have thought possible a drinking in the stadium.

Well, the actual charge says drinking in a a public spacea , which in this case is the Stadion Narodowy, in Warsaw, Poland.

Drinking in public spaces in the country is illegal, and the local police seems to have gotten an anonymous complaint about the Lewandowski guzzling down champagne, inside the stadium. According to local radio channel Radio Poland, the police are investigating the matter.

Meanwhsile Lewandowski, and those around him do not seem to be too concerned about these charges. The Bayern strikera s agent and Poland forward Cezary Kucharski said to Daily Mirror, a We dona t tak this matter seriously. I hope that the FA will strive to ensure that they can explain the situation. I dona t want Robert (Lewandowski) to have to bother with such trifle.a

Funnily enough, Lewondowskia s Poland teammate Grzegorz Krychowiak, who plays for Sevilla, sarcastically tweeted, a Thank God I didna t drink champagne or I would be in serious troublea .


We are yet to see if the state of Poland will take any steps against the the best striker in their country. Whatever happens, we can be quite sure of one thing a Lewandowski wona t be facing such problems at the Allianz Arena, in Bavaria.