FC Barcelona have been imposed a fine of A?30,000 by the UEFA, after their fans displayed Catalan flags during the Champions League final against Juventus.

The Catalan giants are mulling over launching an appeal, as even though they respect the decision made by the football governing body, they do not agree with it.

The Spanish champions are guilty for breach of Rule 16.2

Yesterday, the European game’s governing body, punished the Spanish champions, for breach of Rule 16.2, which reads as follows:

“clubs and associations are responsible for the inappropriate behaviour of their supporters and can be the object of disciplinary measures, even though they can show they were not negligent in their organisation of the game.”

“The use of words or objects to transmit any message which does not fit in with sport, such as political, religion, or offensive or provocative words,” can be punished.

A statement released by the club read-


“FC Barcelona respects Uefaa s decision that was relayed to the Club on Thursday in relation to the Champions League final in Berlin,”

“However, it does not agree with that decision, especially in the light of the Uefa delegatea s description of the Barca members and fansa behaviour as excellent, both before, during and after the game, as stated in their report.

“With the aim of defending the rights of the Club and its members and while respecting current legislation, the Cluba s legal services will consider the possibility of questioning the fine announced today, Thursday.

“Our conviction is that the rights of the Club and members are not incompatible with current legislation.”

The Catalan flags are legal in Spain, and support the Independence of Catalunya

Thousands of FC Barcelona fans were seen displaying the Catalan flag, as a symbol of support to the Independence of Catalunya from Spain. These flags however, are legal in Spain, where The Blaugrana participate in Spain’s La Liga. The club has however, always backed the pro-independence movement of Catalunya, while also playing a major role in the region’s cultural identity.

The Catalan flags are called Estelades, and are not recognized to be official flags. Instead they are considered to be a symbol of support for Catalan Independence. The Senyera, however is the official flag of Catalunya, with which UEFA has no problem’s and it’s allowed to be carried to the European game by FC Barcelona fans. There is only a slight difference between the two flags, with the Senyer being striped without much detail on them, the Estelades have a blue detaile on the left side of the flag along with a star.