Agusti Benedito, a candidate for the FC Barcelona Presidency, has confirmed that his ‘people’ have met Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba.

Confirming the meeting, Benedito said that Pogba also has an offer from PSG in place as the Barcelona presidential candidate gears up for election.

It was reported this morning that Agusti Benedito had negotiated with the Bianconeri and Pogba, but the FC Barcelona presidential candidate clarified the comments this afternoon.

a I was asked if I had spoken personally to Pogba and I said it wasn’t me personally,a Benedito explained as he presented his financial plans, as reported by . Mundo Deportivo.

a Our people had a meeting with Pogba’s people and it was clear he had a proposal of a 12m from PSG and he didn’t want to give it up. And Juventus won’t sell for less than 80m.”

a I wouldn’t rule it out but it’s not a case of Pogba or nothing. There are other important players taking into account these economic conditions.a

Benedito, who also alleged his phone had been tapped after he announced his candidacy for the FC Barcelona presidency, also discussed the incoming elections: a You can win the election with 14,000 votes. I think everything will be decided on the last lap.

a There will be four candidates in the end: [Josep Maria] Bartomeu, [Joan] Laporta, Benedito and [Toni] Freixa.”

a Laporta and I started together in 1996. I left in 2009. Since then Ia ve distanced myself from him and we have no relationship.”

Praising Manchester United for the way they acquire talents, Benedito said: a Ia m a big football fan but I dona t know a lot about football. Ia m dedicated to pursuing talent throughout the world and in this search Ia ve found Manchester United to be a club that works very well.a