The Sun had reported earlier that FC Barcelona superstar was ready to call off his time in Spain, in favour of a move to the Premier League, but the Daily Star, on Tuesday, refuted those claims with the FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu terming those claims as embarrassing.

The Argentine superstar, suffering from an knee injury, was reported to be eager to move to England due to his problems with the tax laws in Spain. Bartomeu since then has publicly refuted the rumours, as he reassured Barca fans and was quoted as saying to Daily Star.

“People who say Messi is leaving Barcelona should be embarrassed. Messi is recovering for the Madrid-Barcelona game. He is hoping to play El Clasico, but injuries have their process.

“Leo and his father said they don’t imagine playing at another club. The relationship with the family is very good. We are not in the negotiation phase yet, when the time comes it will be presented. He has a contract for the next three seasons.”


Bartomeu, though, admitted that the Barcelona superstar isna t at ease with the Spanish taxation, which has further added fuel to the fire.

“Messi is very angry about the Spanish taxation. It is not normal, the information published on Leo Messi. If his tax advisers have made a mistake they have to pay like everyone else. Messi deserves respect as all do.”

Messi to EPL

The English media are quite happy to link him with a move to England at every opportunity available, but the English clubs dona t have the financial capability to bring in the Argentine superstar especially after paying an enormous amount of transfer fee.

Moreover, Messia s love for Barca will be another stumbling block for any club, who will look to persuade him for a transfer. Messi, who has never played professionally in his native country, also aspires to play for an Argentinian club before he hangs up his boots.