Barcelona manager Luis Enrique said that the team are still looking to make improvements and make it harder for other teams to catch them.

Talking in the press conference before the game against Almeria, Enrique said, a Wea re in a privileged position right now but that doesna t mean the league will end like this. Wea ll still be looking to make improvements. If we can keep this up, then it will be that much harder for the other teams.a

a This is the situation we wanted to be in. We wanted to be in contention for every title. Not just to be in contention but also to go on and win them. And thata s even more difficult.a

Enrique also talked about Sergi Barjuan, who became the manager of Almeria.

a Hea s a friend and I am often in contact with him. I am very glad that hea s been offered this opportunity and I hope he makes the most of it. But only from Thursday onwards!a

a Managerial changes are a way of stimulating a team and its players. That could be dangerous for us.a

a Sergi only has one training session before the game, and thata s not much. Hea ll certainly have things to say to his players, but ita s difficult enough to get changes to take effect after six months, so we cana t expect him to achieve much in just one day.a

Luis Enrique was also in praise of defender Jeremy Mathieu, who scored the winner against Celta Vigo.

He said, a I dona t think you can say that his transfer has been paid for on the strength of scoring two goals. We knew all about him because hea s been in Spanish football for some time and we always considered him a great signing.a

a I judge J r my on what he has done all season, and his performances have been better than good. My opinion hasna t changed because hea s scored a couple of goals, which was one of the least important things that we brought him here to do.a

a The technical staff made some brilliant signings last summer. All the players that joined us have been doing exceptionally well.a