Luis Suarez was the hero for FC Barcelona on Wednesday as his two sublime goals helped them to overcome the challenge of PSG at Parc de Princes. The striker said after the game that he only had to do the a nutmegsa and he is happy with the win of the team.

Thanks to the brilliant attacking display of Neymar, Messi and especially Luis Suarez, FC Barcelona look certain to qualify for the semis of Champions League this season. The Uruguayan international scored two wonderful goals in the span of 12 minutes in the second half and said after the match that he is extremely pleased with the win.

a A striker is always looking to find the goal and I had two very good plays. I had to do the nutmegs. Our three forwards can occupy three positions and wea ve been alternating so thata s why my goals came from the right,a said Luis Suarez after the game.

FC Barcelona made a slow start to the game but Neymar put them ahead in the 18th minute, which just proved as the start of their domination and the Brazilian striker was also excited after a famous win over the French champions.

a Ia m very happy with the game,a Neymar said.

a Luis Suarez scored two goals and had a great game. Not just him, but the whole team.

a We knew we had a great attack in our team with quality players and we had to find space and we achieved that.

a But therea s still another 90 minutes in which we will have to do the same thing as we did [on Wednesday].a