After causing a stir with his comments in Zurich, Lionel Messi has come forward to clarify the about his commitment for FC Barcelona. The Argentinean, who finished behind Crstiano Ronaldo in Ballon da Or voting, has said that he is now keen to put the record straight on a number of issues. And while claiming he was tired of clarifying his words, he also left more questions.

Leo Messi had claimed while speaking at the Ballon da Or gala that he is unsure about his future with FC Barcelona.

Several reports have claimed it recently that Messi is unhappy at FC Barcelona and he is keen to leave the club for Premier League in the summer. And during his interview with ESPN FC, he opted to speak only about his a mentalitya at the time of making these comments but chose to remain silent about his future at FC Barcelona.

“It’s just a way of speaking. People ask if I’m going to play for FC Barcelona or Newell’s [in Argentina], to return to Newell’s one day. To return to Argentina one day, there’s a long way to go. It was just a way of talking,a said Messi.

“I always say the same thing, I always clarified it. The truth is you get tired of having to clarify everything you say.”

a It was the moment to put a stop to all of this,a Messi said. The FC Barcelona attacker also alleged that insde information at the club always gets a leakeda to the media. a I was keen to speak out because the atmosphere within the dressing room had deteriorated. Everyone was angry that things were being published that were not true. We are used to inside information coming out in the press because news always gets leaked from FC Barcelona.a

Meanwhile, FC Barcelona president Jose Maria Bartomeu has shunned the notion of divided dressing room. He also said that Messi is not going anywhere.

“You can see Messi’s happiness out on the pitch. You can see it in the level of his performance at the moment, in his smile; we are calm because Leo is good”, the FC Barcelona chief told beIN Sports.

“There’s no bad relationship in the Blaugrana dressing room at all. There are always things going on in a team, but the relationship is good and there’s a good atmosphere. I see them first hand and there is great unity.”