Nobody saw it coming, and Gary Neville’s appointment as Valencia head coach came as quite a shocker to the world of football. The news is not shocking because of Neville’s managerial appointment, but because it means he will no longer be seen as a pundit for Sky Sports, which leaves comrade Jamie Carragher alone!

The 40-year old, with his captivating tone, impressed heavily from the commentary box, while also having a powerful impact on the viewers with his insightful punditry.

But it was not just Gary Neville that people loved to watch in the studio. It was him along with ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher that the audience found particularly entertaining.

Neville was far more charismatic than Jamie, and the former Red had to play second fiddle to the former Red Devil on many occasions. But with Neville gone, Carragher must know this is his chance to shine!

While he’s busy preparing for his next show, many fans took to twitter to discuss how life without Gary Neville on SkySports would be. Here are some of the best tweets :