The Chelsea FC midfielder took to Twitter to rubbish claims that alleged that the Spaniard led a ‘mini-revolt’ against manager Jos Mourinho because of the players’ unhappiness with the Portuguese’s defensive style of football


The 2015-2016 season has been a protracted nightmare for Chelsea FC, and things came to a head this week with the Blues’ league cup exit and defeat to Liverpool preceding shocking claims about player discontent within the camp.

In a blog post on Monday, ‘The Secret Footballer’ — a well-known media account and a contributor to the reputed Guardian newspaper in England — claimed Spain international Cesc F bregas was the leader of a ‘mini-revolt’ against manager Jos Mourinho because of growing discontent regarding the Blues’ style of football.


F bregas takes to social media to rubbish claims

The former Arsenal FC captain released a statement on Tuesday via his official Facebook and Twitter accounts denying the claims and insisting that he was very happy at Chelsea FC. The midfielder also accused people of trying to destabilise the club, while expressing his confidence that the Blues would be able to come good again.

The statement read: “I would like to clarify that contrary to a few reports form some online websites, I am extremely happy at Chelsea and have an excellent relationship with the manager. There maybe certain individuals from the outside trying to destabilise this club but I strongly believe that we will bounce back and come good again.”

All is not well in the Chelsea FC camp

Despite the Spaniard’s statement, it is difficult to believe that the players in the Chelsea FC squad are all playing for their manager. Not only is this not reflected in the performances of the team, but there have been several similar stories about the club in recent times that suggest that player ‘contacts’ — mostly likely agents — have been more than happy to speak to the media.

That is never a good sign and is often indicative of a dysfunctional group dynamic. In that sense, it is almost immaterial whether these stories are true or not — if one does not hold the cynical view that they are being entirely fabricated by media sources that have a reputation for being fairly reliable (like the BBC), the fact that ‘contacts’ of certain players are actively working against the interests of the manager and the club by feeding stories to the press that may or may not be true, should be extremely worrying for Blues fans.