Over the years, several quality players have left Arsenal for pastures new. Some, like Robin van Persie, left in acrimonious circumstances, while others such as Cesc Fabregas and Mathieu Flamini left on happier terms.

One of the two a Flamini has returned to Arsenal, while the other Fabregas, the cluba s former captain and legend, turned Judas when he decided to join fierce rivals Chelsea at the start of the summer.

The Spaniard had a chance to return to his former club, but wasna t able to as the Gunners appeared uninterested in the playera s services.

Yet, the 27 year-old has a soft spot for the club where he spent eight years.

“At Arsenal, we were most of the games [against Chelsea] the better team, but we were always losing,a Fabregas told The Daily Telegraph.

a I always said the same thing. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal. Then one long ball or one free-kick, Drogba goal. It was always the same.

a That tells you that ita s not always about the quality and the talent, ita s also about how much you want it, how much you know how to play your game.

“Their game was stay compact, compact, compact, compact, take your chances. They did it very well and they had good players, so you have to respect that.

a You need trophies. You see Chelsea as a team who has to win trophies. Ita s the same as Barcelona.a

a In terms of winning titles, of course I felt that at Arsenal we could have won more than we did because we arrived to finals and semi-finals, and most of the time we were nearly there. Of course, there is something in your heart that regrets not having won. You need that drive.

“I always felt it at Chelsea from the outside. You need trophies. You see Chelsea as a team who has to win trophies. Ita s the same as Barcelona.

a To be successful on a daily basis, when you go to Europe and you are fighting in the last games when you want to win the Premier League, we are going to need this drive and strong mentality to be the best.a

Chelsea are top of the Premier League at the moment, and still look as the team to beat despite being humbled by Bradford in the FA Cup on Saturday. The Spaniard says, the squada s experience will help them through and is sure that the team will respond in the upcoming game against Liverpool.

“I have lived many great moments in football, also really bad ones, so I do maybe have a bit more experience than a normal 27-year-old, but I am just trying to do my best to help.

a We have young players and we just have to make them see that if we are strong and mentally ready to compete, we can win big things.a

Fabregas has so far been one of the standout performers in England since arriving from Barcelona, providing 18 assists and scoring four goals in his 28 appearances for Chelsea.