Former England, Real Madrid and Juventus manager Fabio Capello has slammed Jose Mourinho for his inability to be able to deliver results over the long-term, stating that his methods succeed only for a short duration.



Chelsea FC have had a rather poor start to the season after having won the league last year. The London-based outfit currently lie in the 16th position in the table, collecting just 8 points from 8 games.

The club issued a statement backing manager Jose Mourinho on Monday, but Fabio Capello believes that Mourinho is the root cause of the problem with his tendency to burn out his players in his third years.

Capello questions Jose Mourinho’s ability to get results in his third season

There has been lot of question being asked about Jose Mourinho on his third season performances. One such question by a journalist already drew a sharp response from the Portuguese, who asked him to google for facts before asking stupid questions.

However, Capello believes that Mourinho’s methods burn out his players in two years and is the reason Chelsea are struggling this season.

“Mourinho burns out his players after a year and a half, at most two years,” Capello was quoted saying by

“I had already heard it when he was in Madrid and now we have confirmation in London.

“It is true that Chelsea are paying for some of their absences – like [Thibaut] Courtois – but there have also been tactical errors from the coach, who this year is not preparing for matches very well.”

So far, only twice before has Jose Mourinho managed a team in their third year, with his first tenure at Chelsea FC ending in a dispute with Roman Abramovich. The second time at Real Madrid, the Portuguese endured an even more torrid season, while his current spell at Chelsea FC is not exactly helping his case in busting this notion as the London outfit continue to struggle.