There have been numerous reports citing that there has been a fall out between Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski and winger Arjen Robben, and it has prompted club legend Lothar Matthaus to have his say on the matter. .

The rift allegedly developed after FC Bayern Munich’s match against Stuttgart on the 7th of November which they won 4-0, where Lewandowski was apparently furious at the Dutch winger for not passing to him and taking all the shots himself. This has ignited a lot of speculation with there even being talk of Robben leaving the club in the January transfer window.

Bayern Munich and Germany legend Lothar Matthaus has acknowledged that there might be a problem and also suggested a way to solve it.

“I see a potential source of unrest in attack,” Matthaus wrote in his column for Sport Bild, (via

“Lewandowski continues to fuel the ongoing discussion about Robben’s selfish attitude and that is rubbing off on the Dutchman, hurting his confidence.

“You can just see that there is something wrong between Lewandowski and Robben.

The Solution

Matthaus, in true Oktoberfest form, thinks that the problem between the two can be solved over a couple of beers. “The two of them should go out for a beer to iron things out. And Robben should pay for it…”

Beer has been known to be a solution to many problems, but it remains to be seen whether the Polish striker and Dutch winger take his advice.