Liverpool FC new signing James Milner has hailed Steven Gerrard stating that even FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi would struggle to fill the void.


Steven Gerrard had spent his entire career at Liverpool FC before deciding to move to Los Angeles after netting 120 goals in 504 matches with the Merseyside giants.

Think of the 2005 Champions League final goal, the goal against Olympiakos in group stages same year, the FA Cup 2006 final goal and one could say that out of those 120 goals for Liverpool FC, a fair amount came at very important games in the club’s history and at a time when the team was struggling and needed someone to step up and inspire them.

“Even Messi would struggle to replace Gerrard”

Liverpool’s news signing James Milner believes that these heroics would be hard to replicate by anyone, even Lionel Messi.

I don’t think there’s someone on the planet who could replace Gerrard for what he did for Liverpool football club over the years, so as a team we need to replace his output,” Milner is quoted as saying by ABC.

And I’m sure that can be done, but me personally, I’m a different player to him and I’ll do my job and do what I do best.

Even Messi would struggle to replace Stevie for what he’s done for Liverpool over the years. What he’s done on and off the field, as a player and as a captain, as a person, he’s been amazing. It’s a big void to fill but I’m sure as a team we can do that.

Milner is right, man for man, Steven Gerrard is irreplaceable.


Not just Gerrard, most great players are irreplaceable in like for like way. Gerrard’s ability to inspire his team in times of trouble is second to none in world football, just like Luis Suarez’s enthusiasm on the football pitch can be transferred to his colleagues and can be matched by few in world football.

Milner is absolutely spot on when he says that Liverpool FC will have to collectively replace the output that Steven Gerrard had and can be only achieved as team.

Milner, though, alongside Jordan Henderson will be the man most expected to take the lead in filling the void left behind by the talismanic captain given that he has made a reputation for being hardworking, intelligent, and a proven performer during his time at Manchester City that led to manager Pellegrini and a host of players asking him to stay back.

These attributes will be very much in demand at Liverpool FC , as manager Brendan Rodgers looks to rebuild his side that went so close to the title in 2013-14 having now lost three key performers in Suarez, Gerrard, and Sterling from that team.