Eva Carneiro To Sue Chelsea FC Over Unpaid Severance Money

Former Chelsea FC team doctor Eva Carneiro is seeking retribution for being banished from her duties, by manager Jose Mourinho, and will take the club to court, to pursue the matter further.

The main bone of contention that Carneiro seems to have with Chelsea FC seems to be the fact that the club could not come to an agreement with her, over the amount of severance money they have to pay the former first team doctor. Thus, Carneiro has reportedly taken the matter to an employment tribunal, in order to build a case of constructive dismissal.

The British doctor is said to have served legal papers to Chelsea FC earlier this week, and the matter is set to be heard at the court, some time next year, according to . Daily Telegraph. However, it is also understood that the two parties could reach an out-of-court settlement about the matter, which would stop the case from getting complicated.

The general norm in UK, with relations to serving legal notice is that the violated party is given three months to file the complaint. Carneiro’s deadline was coming up next week, but the 42-year-old decided to file the complaint well before that.

This case brings another burden for Chelsea FC, who have been involved in one controversy after the other, ever since the start of the 2015/16 season. In fact, Carneiro being banished by Mourinho was one of the first controversies that the club had to face, at the start of the season.

An out-of-court settlement could be reached, but Carneiro is unlikely to get more than A?78,335 from the whole matter, with regards to the case but evidence of “sexually explicit abuse” could get the club into deeper trouble.