31-year-old Togolese striker Emmanuel Adebayor was released by Tottenham Hotspur FC earlier this year, but they they still have to shell out A?100,000-a-week as wages and this could create an embarrassing situation for the club after the next transfer window.

Emmanuel Adebayor has come a long way in the wrong direction since winning the African footballer of the year award in 2008. An eventful premier league career which included stints in top clubs like Arsenal and Manchester City seemingly came to an end when, in September 2015, Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino released him from the club.

It has recently come to light though that Spurs still have to pay him the agreed upon wages in his contract, which according to The Daily Mail is a whopping A?100,000 per week, making him the highest-earning player in the club. Even though he doesn’t even play for them.

From bad to worse

This deal also means that Adebayor is currently a free agent and can sign for other clubs. But if they refuse to meet his wage demands, then Tottenham will have to pay him wages even for playing for other clubs.


This could create an embarrassing situation in the January transfer window with clubs looking to address their attacking woes. A club like Chelsea could snap up Adebayor and then Spurs would be in the humiliating position where they were paying wages to a player only for him to play for a rival club.