Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has expressed his wish to sell wonderkid Paulo Dybala to Juventus rather than to Manchester United or any other club outside Italy.

The striker has scored 11 goals in 21 appearances in the Serie A and has attracted a lot of interest from the English club due to his scintillating display with the club resigned to the fact that he will leave the club in the summer.

The 21-year-old though has revealed that he dreams of playing for either Barcelona or Manchester City.

“When I play with the Playstation, I always choose Barcelona or Manchester City,” Dybala told Guerin Sportivo. “I dream to play one day with one of those clubs.”

Zamparini’s relationship with the player has broken down completely though he realises that the money offered will play a huge role like it did when Javier Pastore moved to Paris Saint-Germain.

The president said that Juventus have been in touch for Dybala but Napoli haven’t. “There has not been any contact with Napoli, but it is true that Marotta has been in touch for Juventus,” he said.

“He told me that Juventus will be right there if we decide to sell Dybala. They are very much interested in signing him and are ready to open talks.

“I told him that I would be more than happy to sell Paulo to Juventus if possible. I would actually prefer for him to stay in Italy.”

I know Marotta, though, so I immediately made it clear that I will not give him a discount. We all know what happened with Pastore.”

He is also upset with the Dyabla’s agent who he believes are more money oriented rather than concerned about the player’s development.

“For me, Dybala rates as highly as Edinson Cavani and Javier Pastore,” he said. “I knew even before this season that he would be a great player. He is a golden boy.”

“The problem is that he is conditioned by people that don’t want to do what is right for him. He has changed completely and is surrounded by terrible teachers. I no longer speak with him.

“Now we are in the hands of certain people that profit on players and that only want to make money; people that influence players negatively, that only consider players money-making machines.”

Zamparini had said back in November that Dybala, whose contract with Palermo runs till the end of next season, would be priced around a 40 million though the player himself feels that he has much more do to earn that tag: “I honestly think it’s an exaggeration. I still have a lot to prove, I try not to think too much about these labels and concentrate solely on my performance on the pitch.”