Willem Van Hanegem is a former Dutch footballer who was part of the team that reached the 1974 World Cup final and he is the latest to come out and criticize compatriot Louis Van Gaal’s Manchester United side.

Manchester United have had an uninspiring couple of games, draws against PSV Eindhoven and Leicester City, and the criticism of Van Gaal’s style of play has again come to the fore. Hanegem spoke out about it, claiming that their football makes him cry.

a PSV definitely got a good result against Manchester United (last week, 0-0) although we do not have to exaggerate.

a Saturday (against Leicester City) I again looked at Manchester and I see that team play and (they make) tears shoot from my eyes. If you can spend A?300 million, then you do not buy such a bunch of cake bakers.a

Van Gaal Method only good if he gets the results


Hanegem also stated that Van Gaal’s methods were only acceptable if he’s getting results but, as a lover of football, he does not appreciate his coaching methods much.

a Van Gaal is a good trainer when his team get results because then everything is accepted. Look at Holland in the World Cup. Perhaps it (his football) does not matter to others, as long as it yields points. I do not think so. I am a lover (of football). Van Gaal takes the fun away from the people.a

Manchester United have only scored 20 goals in 14 games and have recently gotten into the habit of playing out nil-nil draws and one can understand Hanegem’s concerns at the state of affairs at Old Trafford.