Louis Van Gaal has come under some heavy fire from fans, pundits and journalists alike and lashed out during the pre-match post conference ahead of Manchester United’s game against Stoke City.

Van Gaal has had enough of the criticism being piled on him and stormed out of the pre-match post conference after giving reporters there a piece of his mind.


“Has anybody in this room not a feeling to apologise to me? Nobody has that feeling? Thata s what I am wondering,” said Van Gaal when asked about reports of his departure from the club, according to goal.com . . “I think I was already sacked, I have read I have been sacked and my colleague was here already.

“What do you think happens with my wife, or with my kids, or with my grandchildren, or with the fans of Manchester United, or my friends? What do you think? They have called me a lot of times, and also Arsene Wenger is saying something about it. Do you think I want to talk with the media now?

“I am here only because of the Premier League rulesa I have to talk with you. I can only say that when I say something you use my words in your context.”

After these statements he stormed out of the press conference.

Pressure on Van Gaal

While the Dutchman may well be frustrated with all the drama surrounding him, the only way he can remedy the situation is if Manchester United start playing attacking football again and if they start getting the results. Otherwise, the 62-year-old will have to face a situation where he has to make a disgraceful exit from the club.

The reaction by the manager shows that the pressure of his situation is getting to him, but will he rise to the situation or cave in to the pressure.