Although Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp didn’t have the chance to work with Reds legend Steven Gerrard, he is well aware of the impact that he had on the players and the team.

Steven Gerrard never played under Jurgen Klopp officially, but the German manager has had the chance to witness the 35-year-old midfielder at Anfield, as he trains with the team these days thanks to the Major League Soccer Off Season. Klopp has termed the Liverpool legend as ‘dominant’, saying that his presence is still being missed at the club in a big way.

“The players have to fill the gap,” said the Liverpool manager as quoted by Sky Sports. “It’s a big task. They try but they’re young. That’s not an excuse, I’m just describing the situation. That’s what we’re working on.”

Klopp did not want to talk about whether Gerrard left too soon but he said, “We spoke about many things but it’s not for the public.”

The German manager also raised hopes of a return to the club for Gerrard, saying that “I’m an optimistic guy, but he has a contract. Definitely not a loan spell now, but we will do it if we can.”


Liverpool without Gerrard

The English midfielder spent 17 years at Liverpool FC, scoring 186 goals in more than 700 appearances for the club. But he is missed for much more than simply the goals; Gerrard had become synonymous with the club and played a huge role as club captain and their leader in the dressing room and the games as well.

Gerrard is a scouser through and through. He had a very emotional farewell at Anfield when he finally left for America and LA Galaxy, and is revered by the fans, staff and players at the club which is evident by the fact that even Klopp knows how much the Reds miss him, even though Gerrard never played under him.