Uruguayan journalist Victor Hugo Morales has . claimed that legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona will contest as a candidate for FIFA Presidency to replace outgoing President Sepp Blatter.

Diego Maradona has always remained one of the biggest critics of the current FIFA president Sepp Blatter and publicly criticised him for various reasons in the past. Sepp Blatter who was re-elected as the president of football’s highest governing body had decided to step down within a few days in the context of FIFA’s corruption scandal which was exposed last month. The election to appoint a new President is due to happen between December 2015 and March 2016.

If the legendary footballer actually decides to stand as a possible presidency candidate, he will join another iconic footballer from Brazil, Zico, who is also likely to stand as a candidate in the elections.

Victor Hugo Morales confirmed the news via his twitter account. He tweeted “I called Diego Maradona to see how was their dad. He told me that he would be a candidate for President of FIFA and I authorized to communicate it.”

His tweet read:

Along with Zico and Diego Maradona another possible candidate is the Liberia Football Association chairman, Musa Bility.