Chelsea striker Diego Costa has revealed that despite popular belief, he is a very honest player as he tries to give everything on the pitch.

The Spaniard has been seen as a very volatile player by many as he usually gets into an altercation in every game that he plays in and was recently banned for three games after being charged by the FA for a stamp on Liverpool’s Emre Can. However, Costa said that his challenges are ‘noble’ as he never intends to hurt his opponents.

He told the club’s official website, “Some of the kicks I suffer in England would be punished with a red card in Spain. My challenges on the ball are strong but noble at the same time. If you check my records, you will find out that Ia ve never caused a bad injury to any player. The bottom line is that sometimes the little things I do on the pitch provoke exaggerated reactions. But if you rewind a bit and go through what they did to me, you may have another point of view. I consider myself a player who fights and gives everything on the pitch. Those who know me and appreciate those values understand what I say.

“I am getting used to getting kicked more than before. Premier League defenders are really strong and physical. In England, the referees dona t call many fouls, as opposed to Spanish football. Consequently, you must be really strong all through the 90 minutes.

“I like the challenge. My life wasna t easy, neither are my games. Every time I see a good defender I cannot wait to play against him. He might beat me, but I will learn from the experience.”

Costa desperate to win some silverware this season

The 25-year-old also said that he wants to win either the Premier League or the Champions League wth Chelsea after almost achieving the latter with Atletico Madrid last season, “I am going to be honest: I want to be a champion with Chelsea, either a Premier League champion or a Champions League winner.

“I presume that winning the Champions League must be an amazing experience. I reached the final of this beautiful tournament once, but I couldna t win it. We know that our manager is a multiple Champions League winner with loads of experience and that will help. I also hope we are a bit lucky. There are great teams yet to be faced.”

Costa went on to praise Jose Mourinho and said that the gaffer is one of the best in the world, “We all know that hea s among the best managers in the world,a the forward says. a When you arrive in a team with a manager like him, you try to spot every single thing you can learn from him. Every manager has a different way of reading the game. In regards to Jose Mourinho, he is a clever manager who spots very well the opponenta s virtues and weaknesses. Our training sessions are based on that.”