Laurent Blanc has confirmed that Paris Saint-Germain are interested in signing Angel Di Maria from Manchester United but admitted that it would be difficult to pull off the transfer as the Argentine winger continues to attract interest from clubs such as Bayern Munich.

Manchester United signed Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid for a British record fee of A?59.7million last summer. However following a disappointing season at Old Trafford, reports suggest that Angel Di Maria is keen to part ways with Manchester United with PSG interested in signing the player. Speaking with L’Equipe, manager Laurent Blanc confirmed that PSG were keen on acquiring the services of Angel Di Maria.


a Yes. We have our priorities. Di Maria, hea s good. We have more freedom, but it remains a difficult project for us because wea re not alone in wanting him.a

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While admitting that Angel Di Maria was attracting interest from other clubs, Blanc also suggested that the English Premier League clubs have more financial power in the market and hence are difficult to compete against. The fact that Manchester United paid a record fee for the winger will mean that the club will not part ways with him easily.

a When you see the financial power of the English clubs, they are attacking everyone. Competition is very, very tough.a

a Dona t forget, Manchester United paid a fortune to sign him.a

The Argentine winger has been linked with a move to Bayern Munich and Barcelona

The Argentine winger has been linked with a move to Bayern Munich and Barcelona

With the relaxation of the FFP regulations, PSG have the opportunity to recruit a expensivea players this summer. Angel Di Maria, as reported earlier, was keen on switching to the French league last summer but had to sign for Manchester United as PSG were struggling to comply with the FFP regulations. However it will be interesting to see if Manchester United indeed are keen on cashing on in Angel Di Maria. With four years still left on his contract, it remains to be seen if the Argentine figures in Louis Van Gaala s plans at Manchester United.